The sonic boom –
one year on

Posted by DLMDD

13th March 2020

Audio Branding

A year ago, we published an article entitled The Sonic Branding Boom – Can You Hear It?

It was something of a mission statement for us.

We’d left the securities of full-time jobs behind to launch a new sound agency with a clear ambition - to breathe a fresh lease of life into the world of sonic and audio branding.

These words set out our stall for what we wanted to bring to a burgeoning global marketplace and they shaped our first year in business.

One year on and it seems a fitting moment to reflect upon what we set out to do from the start, what we felt and if anything’s changed.

We’ll work backwards.


We’ve changed. At the time of writing we’ve multiplied by 100%. DLMDD now sports a fantastic team of audiophiles, sonic experts and sound enthusiasts all of whom are shaping the culture of the agency and the brands we work with.

Clients have changed. Who cared about brand sound a few years ago? It was hardly the most pressing point on the agendas of marketeers. But it’s all change in 2020, if you’re not thinking about how your brand sounds, you’re probably not doing your job right.

Consequently, the briefs landing on our desk are big, exciting and just a bit more brave. These are zesty times for sound but we’re not interested in getting too comfy. If we can keep pushing the boundaries of what music and sound can do, the possibilities are endless.

Change is good.

What we felt

Doing this always felt like the right thing to do. There were a few raised eyebrows from those closest to us when they first tried to pronounce the company name. But they soon saw Sascha’s cinematic masterpiece ‘DLMDD – How We Came To Be’ and then of course, it all made perfect sense.

Contrary to those who proclaimed we were mad to start a business in the heat of Brexit, we feel the same as we did on day one – that we all possess an innate human requirement for music, sound and the arts. No political climate can ever diminish that.

And we have always all enjoyed each other’s company. This is easy to take for granted but on reflection, it provides rather fortuitous foundations from which to build a business that goes beyond just the work.

What we set out to do from the start

We wanted to build a sound fuelled business and agency with a difference. Planet earth isn’t short of a music company or two, so we knew working with DLMDD had to be a one of a kind experience.

What clients get from us is a unique blend of music’s societal power and the science of how sound works for audiences across the world.

They also get ideas that are bigger than just a soundtrack. We’re in the business of making music-centric work that has a significant impression on the world around us.

Amongst all the change, there is one thing that has remained firmly the same - we still live and breathe the way we signed off DLMDD’s first piece of writing –

Music and sound bring us together; they connect and inspire us. They are a universal language that transcend people, cultures and geographies across planet earth.

And surely that is the dream for any brand - to be heard, known and universally recognised.

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