The Lost Art of Listening

23rd March 2020


The world is suddenly dealing with something strange and unprecedented. As society presses pause, this series of writings by Keith Jopling, founder of playlist curation site The Song Sommelier, examines the role of music and listening in our lives and how a once in a lifetime outbreak of Covid-19 could shape the ears and minds of audiences across planet earth forevermore. If you are in quarantine, isolation, working from home or social distancing, perhaps this is an opportunity to listen differently, and listen well.

This collaboration will bring you five articles on how we listen today, the impact of the streaming era and how we can all practice the lost art of listening. We’ll journey through themes of repetition, familiarity and heavy rotation through to sequencing & segues, attentive listening and audio quality. The end of the week will culminate in The Song Sommelier’s music manifesto.

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Happy listening all, and stay safe at home.

Volume 1 - Repetition

Volume 2 - Up next, why segues matter

Volume 3 - Attention

Volume 4 - Music audio quality

Volume 5 - Manifesto

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