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How did a lockdown challenge become a global soundtrack to isolation?

Posted by DLMDD

18th May 2020

Lockdown is a giant musical pass the parcel powered by DLMDD.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, musicians across the world are contributing to a single piece of music, each adding 15 seconds to the production every-day.

What began life as an idea for a creative challenge has evolved into a global soundtrack to isolation, picking up national airtime and international plaudits along the way.

Volume 1















Upon its launch, the Lockdown story gained widespread coverage across BBC radio!

“Amongst the chaos and uncertainty caused by Covid-19, people around the world are being brought together by the enormous power of music. This experiment is more than just a show of music’s ability to connect us during these times, it’s also a great display of the creativity that’s happening whilst we’re all locked away behind closed doors”

Volume 2

After the huge success of Volume 1, we had an audience and a demand for more.

But the world had seen more than its fair share of split screen videos by now.

So we initially decided to focus solely on the music, bringing some of the world’s foremost musicians, instrumentalists, producers and composers together to create Lockdown - Vol. 2.










The work had its world premiere on BBC Radio 3 presented by Elizabeth Alker on her show ‘Unclassified - Sonic Escape’.

Following its premier on Radio 3 and growing demand for a visual accompaniment to the evolving story, we commissioned production agency Hot Icarus to make a film inspired by 90's rave culture to reflect the ongoing atmosphere of isolation.

I immediately felt it was a great idea - in order to inspire and lighten the mood in these difficult times of fear and frustration. Kudos to the whole team involved in organising, coordinating and making this possible.
- Davide Rossi

This project had a different and unique approach, so I wanted to be part of it. Also, the list of artists involved, quite a few friends of mine, sounded promising. The final result has a nice narrative flow.
- Manu Delago

It was pretty intense to create the idea, record it sonically and visually within a 8-10 hour turnaround. I love the final outcome. To me, this piece is a magical unified blend of unique creative voices with a compelling feel from start to finish.
- Ayanna Witter-Johnson

This experiment is like the ultimate embodiment collaboration in isolation - it was such a fun thing to do. It connected me through music with composers and artists I really admire, but in a way of working which is so different to anything I've done before.
- Anna Phoebe

I've never worked in a linear way like this before, creating just one section and passing it on. It takes a lot of trust - but I was in excellent hands working with such a stellar lot of artists.
- Anil Sebastian

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