Agency thinkers

Music and sound are powerful forces in our lives and have remarkable effects on us as human beings

They can make us run faster, drive differently, concentrate for longer and see the world in different ways.

We collaborate with brand partners on pioneering new ventures that use music and sound as a force for good; building experiences that enhance our everyday lives.

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Identity creators

We now live in a world dominated by sound

We have connected homes, voice-led tech and see our attention as an audience split across a cacophony of channels and platforms.

So there has never been a more important time for a brand to find its sonic identity.

A sonic brand unites touchpoints, drives unparalleled recognition and forges lasting emotional connections with consumers.

But most impressively, they find us in places our ears can reach but our eyes can’t always see.

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Music makers

The challenge for any brand is to make its audience feel something

To connect in an honest but significant way.

We bring brands together with world-leading music talent to produce ambitious, spine tingling productions that live boldly in the public consciousness. So, how does that sound?

The Partners

DLMDD Partners

From left to right

Max De Lucia

Client Director

Sascha Darroch-Davies

Agency Partners Director

Jeremy Paterson

Operations Director

Greg Moore

Production Director